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Alisa Iamandi’s Spectacular Opening at the Real Estate Magazine Gala in Bucharest, Romania

On October 2, 2023, in a dazzling evening of art and elegance, Alisa Iamandi, the illustrious hyperrealist painter, graced the Real Estate Magazine Gala at Biavati Events in Bucharest with an extraordinary exhibition. The event was attended by approximately 500 distinguished individuals, and it was a night of artistic enchantment. ­čîč A Night of Artistry […]

“Hyper-Realistic Painting ‘Lunna’ Unveiled at Pia╚Ťa Spania Gallery, Bucharest”

On September 26, 2018, Galeria Pia╚Ťa Spania in Bucharest hosted an event celebrating successful women with a presentation by Alisa Iamandi about her latest work, a hyperrealistic painting called “Lunna”. The event attracted a number of celebrities from the world of show biz, adding excitement and glamor to the occasion. Alisa’s presentation was highly anticipated […]

Alisa Iamandi’s “SSS” Painting Sells at LAVACOW Auction in Bucharest, December 2019

In December 2019, Alisa Iamandi was invited to participate in the LAVACOW auction, “Almost Christmas”, where her painting “SSS” was sold, after being previously exhibited at Artmark, a prominent Romanian art gallery. This was a significant opportunity for Alisa Iamandi to showcase her work and be recognized by a wider audience. The painting ‘SSS’ was […]

“Land Rover Headquarters Exhibition by Alisa Iamandi”

On March 11 – 2022, the artist Alisa Iamandi was invited to present a painting exhibition at the Land Rover headquarters in Pitesti, Romania. The exhibition was held to celebrate the launch of the new Range Rover and featured seven stunning hyperrealistic paintings by Alisa. These paintings were in tandem with the beauty and power […]

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Alisa Iamandi (born 1977) is a Romanian painter currently based in Bucharest. She specializes in large oil and acrylic paintings and is recognized both in the United States and Europe for her pieces.


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