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My Hyper Realistic Artworks

that aren’t photographs

My hyperrealistic paintings are usually created using photographs as reference material and I often spend many hours studying the subject to capture its subtle details and nuances. The resulting paintings are often indistinguishable from photographs, with an astonishing level of detail and accuracy

Pictura LWM

Selected Artwork

“LWM”(2020), 130x85cm, acrylic on canvas is a hyper-realistic painting that represents a portion of the mechanism of a last-generation luxury Swiss watch.
Intricate gears, a balance wheel and other metal parts are rendered in detail through a range of techniques, such as carefully reproducing the reflections and highlights on the surface of the watch to give it a sense of depth and three-dimensionality.

Each component is rendered with incredible detail, from the subtle textures and patterns on the metal surfaces to the intricate patterns and designs of the gears. Overall, this painting is a beautiful and technical depiction of a watch mechanism, capturing the complexity and beauty of this intricate mechanical device

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Alisa Iamandi (born 1977) is a Romanian painter currently based in Bucharest. She specializes in large oil and acrylic paintings and is recognized both in the United States and Europe for her pieces.

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